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Our Services

Our Services

What We Do

Mass grading and the installation of underground utilities are what we do every day.  However, we are known for expertise in areas that differentiate TSC from the rest:

  • Value Engineering ad preliminary budgeting
  • GPS and automatic grade control on all relevant grading equipment
  • “Big, deep and ugly”. If the pipe is big, the trench is deep and the conditions are nasty, we are your contractor
  • Welded Steel pipe lines
  • Wet weather construction techniques
  • Commercial site development
  • Comprehensive estimating
  • Meeting our deadlines … “We know time is money”


At The Saunders Company, when we start a job, we fully commit to it. We understand that we are one step in a multi-step process, therefore we work efficiently and effectively to get every project done in accordance with the timeframe set by our customers.

Pictured is our team working at Mission Park in Milwaukie, Oregon. During this part of the project you can see the soil cement operation being performed. Cement-stabilized soil consists of water, soil and Portland cement, thoroughly mixed and highly compacted and then left to cure for a certain period. Cement soil stabilization usually involves the addition of Portland cement in quantity 5 to 14 vol% of the compacted mixture. This type of stabilization is used mainly for base course materials. The best results of cement soil stabilization are obtained in case of well-graded granular materials.

Processes within cement soil stabilization are:

  • Soil pulverization
  • Mixing cement and pulverized soil
  • Mixture compaction
  • Compacted layer curing