Why the Saunders Company?

The Saunders Company was founded on the principles of doing it right the first time, lasting integrity and building strong relationships.

We deliver for our clients

From our first communication with a client until we wrap up their project, we are there. We are committed to transparent communication and pride ourselves on delivering the best project management in the industry.

We deliver technology

Our machinery is continuously updated with the latest technology to help us deliver the highest quality product. We provide training for our team members and have committed to being progressive in all aspects by providing continuing education.

We deliver teamwork

Our team members know they matter. We respect their opinions. We respect their experience and passion they bring to work. We respect their time and energy. We are humbled by how hard they work and believe we have the best craftsmanship around.

Looking for a local facility that takes clean fill?

Parrett Mountain Reclamation Facility is up and running!