What kind of gear do we use?

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Pictured is our JD 245G LC excavator at work. With a max digging depth of 21 ft. 9 in. and a net power of 159 horsepower, it’s built to handle any job. Here you can see it pulling slopes with precision accuracy.

D6N Cat Dozer

All 180 horse power of our D6N CAT dozer allows us to grade quickly and precisely. Our skilled operators make use of the 12.5 foot blade to cover large areas in a short amount of time.

9200 JD Farm Tractor

With a 256 gallon fuel tank, the 9200 Tractor allows us to operate for long periods of time and till vast amounts of soil. Pictured you can see one of our skilled operators pulling one of our disks at our job, Gracie’s Landing.

Motor Grader 140G

With a width of 14 feet and length of 27 feet, our Motor Grader 140G with its 150 horsepower engine can tackle any job. Here you can see it intricately windrowing tough soil in order to prepare it for the next step of the preparatory process.

Four Axle Dump Truck

Our fleet of 6 dump trucks allow us to quickly move materials on and off a work site. With our smallest truck being able to hold about 15 tons of material to our largest dump truck being able to hold 30 tons amount of material.

613C Paddle Wheel

Our 613C paddle wheel scraper is a earth moving master piece. The front edge of the 613C cuts into the soil like a carpenter’s plane cutting wood no mater how hard the soil is. Our new lowboy can haul up to 105,000 lbs.