Riverfront 42” Transmission Main Extension and 36” Transmission Bore

Contract Value: $$$

The Riverfront Transmission Main Extension and Bore is a public works waterline extension project for the City of Eugene, managed by EWEB, (the Eugene Water & Electric Board). The work on this project consisted mostly of varying types and sizes of transmission water main. Some sections were constructed with ductile iron piping, while others were built of double-welded steel piping. The later of the two, welded steel piping, is not all that common of a practice so it was a great learning experience for our pipe crew. Not many of our crew had experienced double welded steel so it is very fortunate we have one of the utmost experts in the region, Wayne Toney, on our team. Through a team effort, led by Wayne’s expertise, The Saunders Company has been able to excel through the project and looks forward to working with EWEB again.